“Hacking your Education”


When listening to Logan LaPlante’s TED talk as well as reading Bud’s blog post about hacking and a new way of learning, what caught my ear and interested me the most was learning through experiences and also your own mistakes. This theory of learning is really beneficial and important. I mean come on just think about it a little bit, have you ever tried something over and over and it just seems never to work out? Yeah we all have. Using the whole trial and error and implying what does not work and trying something new is a great way to strengthen your brain and make you a more of an educated and talented person.

Learning from your own mistakes is hard but so rewarding when you find a way. Another important aspect I got from the TED talk was, do something you find interest in and learn from it. I remember back in high school, a whole three years ago, I took woodworking classes and I really enjoyed them and found a lot of interest in that area of skill. Every time my project would fail I would remember what failed and try something new and if that would fail, I would try as many times as I could. As a result, I became a really good woodsman. When doing something you find interest in like woodworking you get a certain satisfaction that feels great like nothing you ever felt before. When I finished one of my projects and It turned out the way I wanted it too I felt so proud and accomplished. It’s a feeling I can’t even explain.

Although it was satisfying and fun, I still have to remember why it turned out so good. I often think it’s because I got lucky, but that’s not why. The reason why my projects would end up looking great is because one, I never gave up and two, I would spend hours figuring the right measurements and sanding to ultimately make a nice table.  I learned from my mistakes and applied it to when trying to go forth again, and again until it was to my standards. So I really enjoyed relating to both the blog post and as well as the TED talk. It really made me realize how much working and thinking through your problems can be beneficial, and of course lead to living a happy and healthy life.



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